Historical Restoration and Rehabilitation Projects

All of the restoration projects noted here are within the National Historic Landmark or National Register historic districts.

Old St. Augustine Village Museum, St. Augustine, Florida. This project involved the restoration of early 19th century residential and commercial structures, including retention of existing original fabric, introduction of new mechanical systems and ADA compliance measures. In addition, four ancillary buildings were rehabilitated for museum and support uses: Canova House (ca. 1840), Star General Store (ca. 1899-1904), Carpenter's House (1899-1904), and Carriage House (ca. 1940).

St. Augustine Historical Society Complex. Historic elements of the Complex were restored and repaired with compatible materials; balcony and window restoration; condition evaluation and repairs: The Fernandez-Llambias House (ca. 1760) and the Segui-Kirby Smith House (Research Library) (ca. 1780).

Ximenez-Fatio House Museum, St. Augustine, Florida. This 1798 Spanish Colonial building required accurate, meticulous restoration and repair, including fireplaces and mantles, window frames and sashes, doors and trim, heart pine floors and thresholds, plaster walls and ceilings; concealment within porch structure of hard wiring for building's fire and security system. The work was performed while the museum remained open for visitors. Buildings involved in this project included: Ximenez-Fatio House (1798), Wash House reconstruction (ca. 1800), Sarah Petty Anderson House (ca. 1915), and Visitors' Center (ca. 1920, adaptive use 2002).

Flagler College, St. Augustine, Florida. BTS Builders, Inc. was engaged over a period of five years to accomplish restoration, adaptive reuse and repair as well as introduction of new mechanical systems to five historic buildings: Ponce de Leon Hall/Hotel Ponce de Leon (1885-1887), including recreation of Ponce de Leon Hall Dining Room's elaborate woodwork supporting Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass windows; Ponce de Leon Cottage (1888), Palm Cottage (1888), Markland House (1899-1901) and Markland Cottage (1899)- exterior and interior rehabilitation including removal, numbering, repair and reproduction of interior columns, wainscoting, mantle, over-mantle, doors and trim of quarter-sawn sycamore. All crown molding, shutters, lattice and trim were made by Thomas McDonald in the BTS Builders woodworking shop.

St. Augustine Foundation Properties, St. Augustine, Florida. This project involved four properties on St. George Street, one of the oldest streets in the Old City: 59 St. George Street (ca. 1790, ca. 1965), 70 St. George Street (ca. 1790, ca. 1965), 89 St. George Street (ca. 1790, ca. 1965),and 97 St. George Street (ca. 1790, ca. 1965).

Oldest Store Museum, St. Augustine, Florida (ca. 1900). Dismantled interior features and details for collection prior to initiation of contemporary redevelopment of the structure.

Kenwood Inn B&B, St. Augustine (1886). BTS Builders, Inc. rehabilitated the Frame Vernacular structure with extensive porches, elaborate gingerbread trim and architectural detailing.

1 St. Andrews Court, St. Augustine, Florida (ca. 1905). Converted attic space into living quarters, including installation of architecturally compatible roof dormers and architectural details.

4 St. Andrews Court, St. Augustine, Florida (ca. 1888). Rehabilitated the Frame Victorian residence with introduction of contemporary systems and retention of original fabric and details.

16A Carrera Street, St. Augustine, Florida (ca. 1928). Converted the garage apartment to an art studio and loft dwelling, including major structural reinforcement and stabilization.

36 Spanish Street, St. Augustine, Florida (ca. 1920). Converted an existing one-story structure to a two-story structure.

12 Sevilla Street, St. Augustine, Florida (ca. 1888). Project involved onsite restoration of original double-hung, sash-weighted windows.

101 Marine Street, St. Augustine, Florida (ca. 1888). Rehabilitated the elaborate Shingle Style residence, restored the exterior and interior architectural features and details, reestablished interior spaces, stabilized the structure and fabricated missing architectural elements.

Cathedral Place Tower, St. Augustine, Florida (ca. 1928). Recreated architectural spaces and details to match the original commercial facilities for historic property tax exemption project.

Summerville Residence, 37 Bay View Drive, St. Augustine (1928, 1957). Rehabilitated the Bungalow with Arts and Crafts details, including reversal of incompatible alterations.

24 Park Avenue, St. Augustine, Florida (ca. 1920). Subcontracted exterior architectural detail during complete renovation of the structure.

30 Bay View Drive, St. Augustine, Florida (ca. 1920). Constructed compatible porch.

66 Hypolita Street, St. Augustine, Florida (ca. 1920). Converted structure for commercial use.

Historically Appropriate Adaptive Use Construction

Colonial Quarter Living History Museum. This project, a public-private enterprise, is located on a two-acre parcel in St. Augustine's Historic District. BTS Builders was engaged as General Contractor. Colonial Quarter tells the story of four periods in St. Augustine's history as it changed hands between the Spanish and British. The attraction is manned by employees dressed in period garb directing visitors to stage shows, handcrafting displays, pubs, gardens and interactive displays. All existing or new structures as well as the modern dining and restroom facilities were constructed or adapted by BTS Builders.

St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum, St. Augustine, Florida. Reconfigured a nondescript 1960s structure into a compatible construction project in the St. Augustine National Historic Landmark District to serve as a state-of-the-art museum and immersive educational experience.

Visitor Center, Ximenez-Fatio House Museum, St. Augustine, Florida. Converted and enlarged an incompatible garage for an exhibition and interpretation facility; accomplished in the required First Spanish Period style adjoining the museum's historic building complex; including landscaping and site improvements.

28 Queen Street, Nassau, Bahamas. The owners of this historic house engaged Thomas McDonald, president of BTS Builders, to provide an assessment of the structure and plans for its rehabilitation. Rehabilitation was accomplished by the owners and the structure now reflects the careful and historically correct restoration.

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